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"TRANSMISSION" by Fred Birchman

Based on the poem, 'Transmission' by Rachel Richardson

The music: "Eyot" by Barreca/Leimer from the album,

"Field Characteristics"

"The ICE CUTTER" by Fred Birchman

a journal of winter

The music: "Declension of Need" by Kerry Leimer from the album, "Useless Lessons" 2007

"LOOKING IN" by Fred Birchman

From the poem , "Looking In"' by Sharry Wright

Original music by Kerry Leimer


"American Dreamers" by Fred Birchman

"String Quartet #1" by Peter Schickele

performed by the St. Helen's String Quartet from the cd, "American Dreams"

"Shift" by Fred Birchman

Music by Kerry Leimer, Palace of Lights

"RE-ENACT" by Fred Birchman

The music by Kerry Leimer 

Excerpt from the poem, "Sublimation Point" by

Jason Schneiderman

"OLD STORIES" by Fred Birchman

The music: "Allotropy" by Kerry Leimer (used by permission)
It is from the album, "Degraded Certainties" and published
by Palace of Lights.

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