"TRANSMISSION" by Fred Birchman

Based on the poem, 'Transmission' by Rachel Richardson

The music: "Eyot" by Barreca/Leimer from the album,

"Field Characteristics"

"American Dreamers" by Fred Birchman

"String Quartet #1" by Peter Schickele

performed by the St. Helen's String Quartet from the cd, "American Dreams"

"Shift" by Fred Birchman

Music by Kerry Leimer, Palace of Lights

"The ICE CUTTER" by Fred Birchman

a journal of winter

The music: "Declension of Need" by Kerry Leimer from the album, "Useless Lessons" 2007

"RE-ENACT" by Fred Birchman

The music by Kerry Leimer 

Excerpt from the poem, "Sublimation Point" by

Jason Schneiderman

"OLD STORIES" by Fred Birchman

The music: "Allotropy" by Kerry Leimer (used by permission)
It is from the album, "Degraded Certainties" and published
by Palace of Lights.

"LOOKING IN" by Fred Birchman

From the poem , "Looking In"' by Sharry Wright

Original music by Kerry Leimer